Deborah Tackett

Deborah's photography has been an ongoing affair since her youth. These snippets of time have been sealed away in her photography. Deborah has won numerous awards in the field of photography. Some of her international work was featured in The Shield magazine. She has won regional competitions in Mena, Malvern and in Clark County. Most recently, with the encouragement of several friends and fellow members of the Caddo River Art Guild, she joined painting en plein air. She is enjoying working with oils. Her visual love of different subjects is apparent and heartfelt. Her book, "Return to Limestone", is out of print. She is hopeful to add new stories and have a second edition in the future.
John Tackett
John received his art degree from Arkansas Tech University. He specializes in sketching, watercolor, print making and creating whimsical gourd sculptures. Reflected in his art is an "inherent touch of eccentricity. My folks migrated from the Boston Mountains and settled in the Ozarks. They were simple, hard-working people who made due with the little they had available. I have always admired their creativity and ability to turn simple objects and ideas into things of beauty. My objective is to capture a part of their spirit in my work, and to reflect a more simplistic place and time." His art is featured at the Artifacts' Gallery in Eureka Springs, AR. His book, I'm from Havana but I'm No Communist, was a huge success. One of its stories, "When a Dog Howls", was read on National Public Radio's "Tales From the South".
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